Holy Bible

Holy Bible

What makes the Holy Bible, the Word of God, holy? How is it different from any other book that tells us how we should live our lives in order to be happy? Does it contain some magic spell, some words we can speak which will suddenly make our lives better? Of course not. There is no magic spell that will transform us and our lives. There is, however, a wonderful recipe book that contains all of the ingredients and instructions for feeding our souls and nourishing our minds with the Word of Christ. That recipe book is the Holy Bible, and by digesting all it has to offer on a daily basis, we will grow as Christians and become the kind of people who bring honor to God.

The Bible is referred to as holy because it shows us the way to salvation, a spiritual resurrection, and eternal life in Paradise (Heaven) with God in the afterlife. The word “holy” means consecrated, sacred, sanctified. All of the information contained in the Bible is for the betterment of mankind. Just as we feed our bodies each day to keep them healthy and working properly, so must we nourish our spiritual selves with the “food” provided by the Holy Bible. The instructions contained in the Bible for feeding our souls are much like those found in the Osiecki Nutrient Bible; both teach us about the things that are best for us to “ingest”, as well as the things we must avoid taking into ourselves that can make us ill – physically and spiritually. These books instruct us on situations to avoid which can be harmful to our physical bodies and our eternal souls. The Osiecki Nutrient Bible contains a list of more than 100 different types of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, toxic metals, etc., as well as therapeutic behaviors. The Holy Bible contains information on countless topics which may be studied and meditated upon in order to strengthen the spirit and bring the soul into alignment with God’s word and purpose for our lives. Hebrews 5: 12-14 tells us that the Bible feeds us spiritually just as a baby is fed, with easily digested “food” first, until he grows stronger and is ready for foods with more substance.

We often spend hundreds of dollars on gym memberships, special workout gear, expensive diet foods, and diet and weight loss supplements to improve our physical bodies while completely neglecting our souls – the foundation of our physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. The Holy Bible provides everything we need to give our souls all the strength they need. With each and every reading of scripture, our diet is amped up with all the great things God gives us to “digest” and strengthen us spiritually. We must be responsible and vigilant in feeding our spirits only these good, nutritional things and avoid the “junk food” the world would have us take in every day: large helpings of greed, envy, negativity, drama, hatred, prejudice, avarice…the entire menu of things that will poison our souls. We are given everything we need to responsibly care for our bodies and souls through what we choose to put into our bodies and minds. Feeding our spirits a healthy diet of all the wonderful things the Bible serves us is the best thing we can do to stay spiritually healthy.

When we meditate on the scriptures, God reveals to us exactly what we need at exactly the time we need it and are ready for it. To meditate and understand God’s message to us, we must sit quietly and first pray; we must ask for guidance and discernment, and allow our minds to be open and receptive to the word of God. We must read the scriptures, focusing on a subject as we are led, and then meditate on this reading. Look at the scripture from many viewpoints, and in many contexts: how it may apply to your life, a friend or family member’s current situation, something that has weighed heavily on your mind. By nourishing the mind and the soul in this manner, we are fortifying ourselves with the diet the Lord wants us to live on every day. No vitamin pill or supplement could ever compare to the amazing spiritual health benefits of “consuming” the Holy Bible on a daily basis!

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